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Clemson Chiropractor : Dr. Ken Gosnell

Dr. Ken Gosnell

Dr. Ken Gosnell

“I was lucky to have been raised in chiropractic…”

During my first semester of chiropractic college, the teachers would occasionally take time to allow the students in the class to tell why they decided to pursue chiropractic as a career. I was surprised to hear the answers of the majority of the students. One after another they would share their stories of how a visit to a chiropractor miraculously affected their health and quality of life such as being able to return to sports when they were told they would not be able to, able to work again, able to pick up and play with their grandchildren again.

I didn’t have a life changing story to share, and for a minute felt a little left out. However, it didn’t take me long to realize that I was the fortunate one. I have been able to enjoy a great quality of life, in spite of many significant falls and accidents, realizing how lucky I was to have been raised under chiropractic healthcare.

My Grandparents were Chiropractors

You see my grandfather and grandmother (my mother’s parents) were among the original pioneers of the chiropractic profession, followed by two uncles, and a cousin who still practices in Alabama. My mother passed on to me the understanding that the nervous system regulates all functions of the body, and that optimum health requires optimum function. She also taught me that chiropractors are spinal health specialists helping to ensure spinal health without drugs and/or surgery.

Clemson Chiropractor & Family

Clemson chiropractor, Dr. Ken Gosnell and family

Why I Became a Chiropractor

I didn’t go to chiropractic college until I was 32 years old. I sold recreational vehicles (boats, motor homes, campers) until that time. It was a great job in the fact that I was helping others achieve their dreams of experiencing the great outdoors. One day I realized that there were many that planned to retire and travel, but unfortunately when that time came to enjoy life, they didn’t have the health required to enjoy it. That’s what inspired me to go to chiropractic college; so I could learn how to help others physically enjoy their entire life from infancy to senior adulthood. I attended Life Chiropractic College in Atlanta, GA and graduated in 1996.


On a Personal Note…

I have been practicing in Clemson since 1997. My wife Kim is a Nurse Practitioner at St. Francis Hospital. We have a wonderful daughter as well as a household full of fuzzy pets.

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Well, enough about me. No matter what your health concern is, if you have any interest in finding out if chiropractic can help you, give our Clemson office a call today!

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